Wednesday, April 29, 2009


To install this widget in your own blog, simply change the title to suit your preferences and alter the URL to match that of your blog.

If your blog has a Blog*Spot URL, you should enter your URL like this:

If you use a custom domain for your blog, simply enter the URL of your blog's domain.

In either case, do not add the "http://" part! This is already rendered by the script used to display the commenter feed.

If you would like to remove your own name from the list, enter your name in the "Filter Your Name" box.

Use the form below to add this widget to your own Blogger powered blog:

This widget is based on the Top Commentators Widget for Blogger which was created by Assess My Blog. It uses Yahoo Pipes to process the last 500 comments made on your blog, and displays a list of the ten people who have commented the most in this range.

Each name is linked to the most recent comment on your blog made by this person (since it would be very difficult to create a generic script which would work for all blogs and comment settings!).

Update: I have now added an extra element which allows you to remove your own name from the list of Top Commenters (thanks to Carrotmadman6 for the tip!).

I have tested this extensively in IE6/7 and Firefox and in these browsers the script and display work just fine. If anyone notices a glitch or problem in other browsers, please let me know so I can work on solving the issue.

If you find this widget useful, please tell your friends or bookmark this post using your favorite service. I have worked long and hard to create this installer and really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this new tool :)

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